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Photographer | Artist | Plant Breeder | Watercolour maker


 Resin Art PLS 



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Rachel Lai Yee Laam is an amateur photographer, artist and plant-breeder from Hong Kong. A self-taught artist and photographer, she draws on her unique sense of colour and the persistence of her own aesthetic to create her works.

She integrates a spectrum of bold colors into her creations, letting the paints move, flow and react with each other. Rachel’s macro photography brings a whole new angle and perspective to her work, providing viewer with a window into beyond what meets the naked eye, affording the viewer two distinct visuals from the same world of one piece of art.

Art fills Rachel with joy, and it is because of this pleasure that she is so fastidious and particular with her own creative process. Naturally self-critical, she only continues with the production of those works in which the colours come together perfectly in harmony with her concept and aesthetic.

Although the creative process is long, finishing an art piece or the retouching of a photo provides Rachel with an immense sense of satisfaction. She is always looking forward to the start of her next project.

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